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Note to Weather – Please try harder

Woke up yesterday and it looked like this:

Snowy Home - 2008-02-02.JPG

Woke up today and it looked like this:

The Usual at Home - 2008-02-03.JPG

When it snows, I wish it would do it properly! :)

The line on the left of the photos is a wire going to an old radio aerial we’ve got on the roof that we no longer use. I suppose I should get rid of it since the wire is not really tacked to the house anymore, but me, ladders and heights don’t really agree.

New Blog Theme

The old theme was getting really long in the tooth (I know I changed from it once before and went back…) but this time I think I’ll stick with this. Its pretty simple and a bit cleaner looking me thinks. It’s based on the Qwilm! theme which is apparently based on another theme… anyway, I’m tinkering with the CSS and colours and wotnot to get it to my liking so it may change a bit over the next week or so.

A bit naughty…

…but funny me thinks. Though I probably shouldn’t given the donor shortage of late.

do not card front.jpg

do not card back.jpg

From b3ta. (Original Donor card here).

One from the Help Desk

We got this lovely email through to the help desk today:


It consists of a completely black screenshot, no subject or any text in the email describing what the problem might be, other than the standard signature and 20 lines of disclaimer telling you not to divulge the contents of the email to your pet squirrel (grey squirrels are terrible gossips) and the usual pseudo legal gubbins (the fact that this at the end of the email where you technically could miss reading it therefore making it pointless is another matter).

Anyhoo, I, with all the subtlety of an elephant on Viagra, would have loved to have replied with “That’s nice dear” and left it at that, but fortunately for us, I’m not on help desk and so the crack team that is, handled it with their usual slickness.

The email did however have some use and reminded me of one of my many favourite sketches from The Fast Show:

Word of Day – Somnambulism

Pretty apt I think at this time of morning:

Somnambulism (or sleepwalking) describes an apparently aimless nighttime walking in an unconscious state, accompanied by motor activity of varying degrees of complexity. The next day, the sleeper has no memory of the episode. Sleepwalking episodes, which occur during the first part of the night, last from a few seconds to around thirty minutes.

And away we go!

Winter Hols – Benidorm

We’re jet setting off tomorrow for a week to Benidorm to get some winter sun (fingers crossed) so no idle waffle from me for a week.


Upon my return I might sort out those terrafusion stats…

After our Euro 2008 exit…

I got this text message:

Q. What’s 9 inches long and dangles in front of a c*nt?

A. Steve McClaren’s England tie

So no love lost there then! Still you can’t knock a guy too much for sticking to his principles… he said he wouldn’t quit even if we got kicked out of Euro 2008. And neither would I if I knew I was going to be paid £2.5 million when they fired me!

Anyhoo, looking on the bright side, as someone who detests footy, it will mean next year that the TV schedules won’t go to pot!

I am evil

Gom joins #hardcheese:

[13:30] * GomJabbar_ has joined #hardcheese
[13:30] * Vondur sets mode: +o GomJabbar_

[13:30] * GomJabbar_ slaps Pauk around a bit with a large trout
[13:30] <GomJabbar_> IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT
[13:31] <Bal_> =(
[13:32] <GomJabbar_> Pauk’s, not yours mister Stordeur
[13:35] <Bal_> =)
[13:35] <Bal_> so how’s assassassassassin’s crossing gom?
[13:35] <GomJabbar_> First of all it’s Assassin’s Creed, not crossing
[13:35] <GomJabbar_> Additionally… I don’t know
[13:36] <GomJabbar_> Because… https://blog.pauked.com/files/RedRingOfDeath_small.jpg
[13:38] <GomJabbar_> Got it on Thursday, managed to watch the intro and play the tutorial, went to a Diplomacy con on friday, returned on monday and BANG! Red Ring of Death! :(
[13:46] <Bal_> ack
[13:54] <GomJabbar_> So… what I played was nice… awfully I didn’t play much :(
[13:54] <GomJabbar_> Even the sci-fi twist isn’t as bad as I thought it would be
[13:56] <Bal_> ok
[13:56] <GomJabbar_> Strange at first but kinda interesting
[13:57] <Bal_> so getting your xbox replaced now?
[13:58] <GomJabbar_> Yeah, it’s packed up and everything, just waiting for UPS to pick it up
[13:58] <GomJabbar_> They told me it’ll take about 3 weeks but well, what else to do
[14:00] <Bal_> get a wii and mario
[14:00] <Bal_> buy a pc and TF2
[14:01] <GomJabbar_> :(

I notice his slappage a few hours later:

[20:16] <Pauk> hahaha
[20:16] <Pauk> goms 360 blew up
[20:16] <Pauk> hahahahahah
[20:16] <Pauk> hahahahaha
[20:16] <Pauk> haahahaha
[20:16] <Pauk> hahahaahahaha
[20:16] <Pauk> hahahahah
[20:17] <Pauk> ahah
[20:17] <Pauk> hah
[20:17] <Pauk> ha
[20:17] <Pauk> ah
[20:17] <Pauk> welcome to the club
[20:17] <Bal_> meany =)
[20:18] <Pauk> i’m might go buy assassins creed and blog about it all week

Sorry Gom :D

Help! #terrafusion log files needed!

Yes, I’m finally updating the #tf stats section of the site (last time was January!). 

Now moALTz and Spds have been very kind in providing logs for most of the period, however I am missing logs for June, July and August. I’m not fussed if they’re not 24/7, but ideally over 12 hours a day. The logs can be from mIRC, Xchat, Trillian, etc (basically any chat program that mIRCStats has a parser for).

So, if you can help please either upload them to your interweb site and post the offending url(s) in the comments or send me an email to:

Thanking you all in advance!

Gingerbread men no more


And what a delicious execution it was too! Mmmm mmm.

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