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For Sure It’s Formula 1

I don’t know what it is with F1 drivers, but “for sure” seems to be ingrained into their vocabulary. Let’s have a look at a few choice quotes from last weeks Belgium Grand:

Lewis Hamilton: I don’t know whether it has caught me out but, for sure, experience is always an advantage (link)

Kimi Raikkonen: The neck is OK, it’s not perfect but it’s definitely OK and for sure it’s going to be like normal in the next races, so that’s not a worry. (link)

Fernando Alonso: I tried quite hard in the first stint to keep pace with Felipe, just hoping around the pit stop time to make up a position but slowly they were disappearing and after the first stop, for sure, we didn’t see them anymore. We lack a little bit of pace in the race. We were quite OK in qualifying but for sure in the race we were off the pace by a couple of tenths today. (that’s just two sentences! link)

Kimi Raikkonen: For sure it’s nice. For sure it’s my favourite circuit, it was even before I came into Formula One, so it’s nothing to do with if I win or lose here. (link)

Felipe Massa: Well, for sure as Kimi said there is not a long way to go but we are still fighting. I will not give up until I see that the calculation is not there anymore. (link)

Who do you think started this trend? Who do you think!

Michael Schumacher: I feel I could win the race. I feel very good inside. For sure, in qualifying, I will be 100 per cent …

But for sure, he has asked me as well if there was any chance of me changing my mind, as have many people … 

And then step by step you come back and think that this season is finished, for sure, but then you regain your normal lifestyle and my normal lifestyle is being a racing driver; (link)

Michael Schumacher: For sure he will fight a lot and hopefully we can finish in the front and make a first and second. (link)

Michael Schumacher: We have found a good solution on this. It is for sure much safer to use it. We have just to see if it is comfortable for every driver to be used. …

Yes for sure. To me this is the most critical point on the new regulations. (link)

Actually I don’t think Schumi is really to blame, I just think it’s a strange quirk of the Formula 1 world. Next time you watch a driver interview see how many you can count.

As a further example, not only did Kimi win this weeks race but he also won the “for sure” contest in the press conference with six, Fernando had five and Felipe trailed badly with just the one.

And the wife wonders why Caffe Mocha’s are cold!

Let me explain with help of this diagram:


It’s mostly milk and cream you see. Although I can’t complain either, I like me Cappuccino’s!


Actually, the only reason for this post is because I really like the Coffee Drinks Illustrated diagrams Lokesh Dhakar has done. And you can now buy cups with them on… very tempting!

The Xbox 360 Saga Box Set

Here are my three fun blog on entries on the subject:

I’ve given the Xbox a kicking tonight and it seems to have held up ok, so fingers crossed, all is well! Whilst on my travels I found these spookily similar posts on Xbox 360 Fanboy:

So, Gom, it’s only a matter of time ;)

Chewbacca lives again!

Looky here!

Bal’s Cooking Corner…

When Bal cooks, he doesn’t make ordinary, run of the mill cookies. No sir, he makes Monstaaaahhh Cooooooookkkiiiieeesssss!!!!


Bal, could you send me a couple of crates of those please? Thanks. I gotta keep the Cookie Monster in me well fed.


One Year On…


Well I managed to do better at getting in to work today than I did on the 5th September 2006. I even tempted fate and took the same route at almost the same time.

So, where are things a year on? Well, I’m still trucking :) Oh, and happily married :). Our first anniversary is on the 22nd and I’m whisking wifey off to Italy.

Anyhoo, it took nearly 4 months to get another car sorted (mine was a write off). So Kate’s trusty Escort was commandeered so I could get to work. It held up pretty well, after it’d had a service and been welded back together (she’s had it 3 years and not had it serviced once!).

My insurers, Direct Line, were pretty good at errr… coughing up the dough. I was surprised that my insurance premium actually went down when it was renewed earlier in the year.

Most of my problems were because the car wasn’t my own, but a company one and so there are various other peeps involved. And as everyone knows, the more people you get involved in something, the longer it takes to get anything done…

The other party still refuses to accept any liability and amusingly on Monday just gone, I had to fill in forms to take him to small claims court to recover various losses (company car payments for new car, insurance policy excess, etc).

I would have hoped that by now that would have been sorted, but there you go. Hopefully in a years time I can report that it’s all done and dusted!

My Xbox 360 has just died…

RedRingOfDeathNotch another one onto the red ring of death count. My 360 started playing up last night with it freezing and distorting it’s display. It would lock up with lots of little squares displaying and fuzzy lines across the screen.

When I went to try it on the TV downstairs this morning (it’s normally in my office connected to a 19” TFT) it refused to boot at all and gave the red ring. Ah the joys of Xbox ownership.

I’m soooooo glad I didn’t buy Bioshock yesterday (and obviously won’t be for a while now!). I’d have been ever so slightly pissed if I had. Anyhoo, better go contact Microsoft to see what they can do.

Amusingly they have a direct link on the Xbox support home page called Three red lights flash on the Ring of Light, which links to this knowledge base article. Lets see if it’s of any use…

The irony of it is that I just got this email from Microsoft as well:


Talk about bad timing!

Two different ways to make a comic strip

This caught my eye. Scott Adams explains how he goes about writing Dilbert, as does David Malki  (related strip) with my favourite new interweb cartoon WonderMark (spoof making of is worth a read too).

Random Chaff

Here’s a bunch of weird and wonderful stuff I’ve come across the last month or so:



Hooray for random crap!

How addicted to blogging are you?

Well, apparently…


Strange given I haven’t blogged for over a month. Perhaps I can rectify that?

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