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How to tell someone where to stick it

This is how you do it courtesy of bynkii.com:

To everyone who thinks Apple owes them money because the iPhone price dropped

Whine a little louder, the starving people in Darfur can’t hear you.

To those of you wondering why my misanthropic tendencies are so well-developed? Shit like “YOU DROPPED THE PRICE, WE DESERVE MONEEEE” is why. I hate entitlement queens, and MacMacs are the worst of all.

Every.Single.Complaint resolves to “Waaah, I want my $200 because I couldn’t wait, WAAAAH”

Fucking crybabies. Get bent all of you, and eat glass.

Ah, genius. Wish I had that kind of, erm, style. I totally agree though. Those asshats who paid silly money for an iPhone when they came out don’t deserve anything back… what’s that old saying? A fool and his money are easily parted?

The IT Crowd – Series 2!

Theitcrowdep2still-792586Doh, I had intended to post about the new series a couple of weeks ago when it started… but well, yeah. Anyhoo, the good news is this.

The IT Crowd is back on Channel Four, with four episodes to go! Originally there were meant to be eight episodes, but Graham Linehan (creator of The IT Crowd and of course Father Ted) noted on his blog:

Sorry about the wait, and sorry there’s only six episodes, but really, if there’d been eight episodes, two of them would have been bollocks.

Btw, his blog is aces, very interesting read. Anyhoo, BoingBoing, as always has links to BitTorrents for the first two episodes.

And related to that, I found details on The IT Crowd USA (NBC Site). Ugh…


It’s not really the same is it?


No.. but fortunately they’ve had the good sense to at least keep Richard Ayoade as Moss. I’d be interested to see what it’s like.

K-Team to the rescue!

If you have a problem, if no else can help and if you can find them. Maybe you can hire the K-Team…




Good old b3ta (again!). Bonus link – A-Team intro!

MPQArchive.com renewed

Is it that time already? Yep, another two years have passed. The difference being is that this time, I actually have a site for MPQ Archive.

But it’s no thanks to EasySpace’s craptastically confusing “Control Panel” that I’ve renewed it for another two years. The option to renew was hardly obvious and ideally I would have liked to have done it for more, but the crappy thing only gave me the option of renew for two years or cancel…

Anyhoo, job done!

Yummy! Fast food…

Spotted this via BoingBoing the other week where someone has gone to the trouble of comparing the publicity photos of fast food with what you actually get.

Kfcbowl2 Kfcbowl1

I was also amused by this related quote on BoingBoing:

I worked (briefly) in the photography studio of one of the biggest ad agencies in NYC. They paid a professional “food stylist” around $2000 a day to make the food look like that. Every golden sesame seed or drop of crystalline dew was hand placed. That mayonnaise isn’t mayo, it’s hair gel and that chicken looks so good because apparently everything looks yummier when it’s been sprayed with lacquer. A lot of that “food” isn’t food at all and the stuff that is food has been treated with more chemicals and “tricks of the trade” than most super models.

Mayo that’s hair gel? Chicken covered in lacquer? Hmmm nice! Although for some fast food, that’ll probably taste better!

The thing this initially reminded me of was a scene from Falling Down (wiki) with Michael Douglas where he goes to Whammyburger and tries to order something off the breakfast menu. When that fails, since it was a couple of minutes after breakfast serving time, he orders a burger and then goes ballistic when what he gets is a sloppy mess that looks nothing like advertised.

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone who eats fast food. The local Burger King microwaves all their burgers so it’s no wonder they’re always soggy…

Useful Utils #5 – Darik’s Boot and Nuke

DBAN1Now this is a fun little app! We had some old boxes in the office that needing nuking before taking them off to be recycled and I remembered I’d seen a post on LifeHacker a while back on it.

It’s incredibly simple to use. You’ve got a few options as to how to run it, but I just downloaded the .ISO file from SourceForge and burnt it to CD. With that I was able to boot the machines directly into DBAN and nuke the drives.

There’s nothing flash to it, it’s purely functional. It’s running a cut down Linux kernel which looks like an old DOS app. You’ve got various options for what level of write you want, but I just went with DoD Short since it was relatively quick at an hour per machine.

The toaster broke my computer

One day a couple of weeks ago I was working from home and decided after checking my email first thing I’d have a spot of breakfast. So after a quick rummage around for some bread, I put the toaster on and the power went off… 

Feck and biscuits. There’s a dodgy socket in the kitchen that occasionally throws a fit and trips out all the downstairs sockets. It’s not normally a problem but my email was running in a virtual machine which was running off an external hard drive. And what had just tripped out?

APC Back-UPS ES 700VAYep, the socket that the hard drive was connected to. Laptops are quite good at coping with power cuts due to their internal batteries, but virtual machines run in this way are not. After turning the power back on I ran the toaster off another socket, had some toast, then ran some checks and, fortunately, nothing was damaged.

The end result of this little incident though, was that I finally decided to buy a UPS or two for home (and for work). There are lots to choose from but I decided to go with an APC one for a couple of reasons.

The first is that we use APC devices at work and they’re pretty reliable and very easy to maintain and monitor. The second is because The Hanselman had just replaced all his UPS’s with APC ones and you can’t get a better recommendation than that.

Also, as a further bonus reason to get them, the one I picked, the APC Back-UPS ES 700VA (a model name that really rolls off the tongue), came out top in the PC Pro round up of UPS’s in May’s issue. Which was nice.

So I ordered a couple from Misco which arrived very quickly (less than a couple of days. I actually ordered another a week later and that came in less than 24 hours. I can highly recommend Misco). Anyhoo, they’re pretty chunky buggers weighing in at over 7kg, which mostly due to the battery. All you need to do on arrival is hook up the battery and plug it up to the mains to charge, which takes 16 hours on first use! 

In terms of what they have, well, there are 8 sockets, 4 of which are battery and surge protected whilst the other 4 are just surge protected. It also has more three ports on the side. Two are for surge protecting a phone line whilst the third is for connecting it up to your PC, using a special cable (which is supplied, but is expensive to replace, so don’t lose it!).

With that connected you can run the cheesy looking PowerChute software (which if you’re using Vista, you’ll have to go download since the version supplied was well out of date) which can be configured to monitor the battery life but also to shut down your PC when the battery gets low on juice. The free software isn’t much different from what you get to run the proper business APC UPS’s.

Overall, they’re nifty little devices. I’ve not had to use them in anger yet but I know they work since I’ve tested them by unplugging them from the mains. They start beeping and throwing up alerts until the power is reconnected, but at least now I know I can safely trip out the electrics whilst trying to make my breakfast!

A calavade of crap

Seems like someone dislikes the new Strongbow advert as much as I do:


I can’t quite see the fascination with cider of late. The adverts for Magners also annoy the living shit out of me with their arse cringing cheesyness. And since when do serve cider with ice?! Cider was something you drunk for a while as a teenager (Woodpecker and White Lightning were my tipple of choice. Ugh!) before you grew out of it and hit the beer.

Post title and image ripped from b3ta. Thanks!

One Yardmaster Shed!

Two Sundays of hard graft and something resembling a shed has been constructed. It’s pretty big at 3 metres wide to 2.4 metres in depth. Here you can see it in all it’s glory (with ye olde wood shed next to it):



It took about 12 hours with 4 of us faffing about. It’s not the easiest thing to put up what with it having a gazillion screws and instructions that don’t always make much sense.

ShedBible ShedInstructionsRoof

The second photo shows how to put part of the roof section together, which was the most time consuming bit. There were some screws missing for the roof frame which was a tad annoying since there were tons of screws for the rest of it. We also had to punch some holes through since some weren’t done properly to start with and also we… errr… didn’t line everything up spot on, but that’s to be expected. Other people seem to have done the same as noted in the comments on the above link.

Anyhoo, Kate got a solar powered light for it yesterday which saves a job of hooking a proper one up. We still need to go round with some silicone sealant on some of the screws, roof joints and base, but other than that it’s finished. Now we can fill it up with crap! 

Comic Relief Videos

A couple of bits from last Friday’s Comic Relief were pretty damn funny.

Lauren Cooper meets the PM.

Brian Potter & Andy Pipkin sing I will walk (roll) 500 miles by the Proclaimers.

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