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SiteGround upgrade!

I popped to the main SiteGround site (my host) to login and check something when I noticed a rather spiffy redesign. I then noticed they’d change the package they offer for $5 a month. Space and bandwidth had doubled and you now get unlimited MySQL databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, etc.

I thought Crap, I signed up at the wrong time, wonder if I can upgrade. No need to worry as it turns out, I logged in and found out that my account have been automagically upgraded! Whoop! Shortly after I got an email officially announcing it:

SiteGround made an unrivalled feature increase to each account, that includes:

  • Doubling the space quota of each hosting account from 12,000MB to 24,000 MB;
  • Increasing the traffic quota from 500GB to 800GB per month;
  • Making UNLIMITED the number of: MySQL databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, subdomains, and parked domains!

We have already upgraded your account with the new features at no additional cost!

Super, smashing, great!

Spanish Grand Prix

Excellent result. Alonso’s Renault clearly had Schumacher’s Ferrari pegged. The laps he put in after his stops were astonishing frankly given he was heavy on fuel. Schumacher didn’t look too happy, but a second place finish isn’t too bad. Fisichella dropped from 2nd to 3rd.

Like most of the races so far this season, it was pretty dull and settled into a repetitive pattern. I was concerned that Schumacher would do what he did at San Marino and sneak past at the pit stops, but his car clearly wasn’t fast enough, regardless of the fuss made on Saturday about it being nearly 8 MPH faster back straight than anyone else.

Alonso’s consistent fast laps saw to that. Unfortunately Fisichella once again showed the opposite. He seemed to doze off in the middle part of the race when he should have been trying to keep Schumacher behind him.

There was an amazing atmosphere from the crowd. Alonso’s last lap with the crowd cheering was fantastic. I can’t remember hearing a crowd so loudly before! Great to have a Spaniard winning his home grand prix (and its the first time its happened).

You have to wonder though if Alonso’s move to McLaren next year is a good idea. Kimi finished nearly a minute behind him, which is a eternity in F1.

There was a bit of movement further up the grid with Kimi moving from 9th to 5th (down to an excellent start), just ahead of Button who started 8th and finished 6th. Barrichello lost out and went backwards from 5th to 7th, but his car was very slow and he didn’t help Button, by holding up for the first stint.

Montoya had a bizarre spin just over 10 laps in and ended up beaching his car on the kerbs of turn 2.

My least favourite track is up next, Monaco, in two weeks. Fantastic place to be, but a yawnfest to watch with single file racing and little chance of overtaking. That said, qualifying should be carnage because of that!

New lawnmower, whoopee!

After much faffling about at local hardware stores we couldn’t find a blade for our trusty old Black & Decker GX230C so cut our loses and bought a new lawnmower. Joy. A smashing new Flymo Roller Compact 3400:


How much more adulty and nearly married can you get? It looks like a baby’s pram. A bright orange and black lawnmower is hardly manly. It’ll be like pushing an off colour bumble bee round the garden. But thankfully, in typical British fashion, my purchasing of gardening equipment has meant its pissed it down for the last 2 days. Hooray!

Firefox missing basic functionality?

So Friction the reluctant blogger asked how to remove a search engine from Firefox. Now you’d think “Thats easy, just click remove on the same menu you added it from”. Errr… no. The only options you get from the drop down menu on Firefox’s search bar are the Search Engines to search on and an option to Add Engines.

If you want to remove an engine, god forbid, you need to install a plugin. The plugin is even listed on the page to add new engines (under additional resources), as in they know Firefox can’t do it by default. Its really poor when you have to get a plugin to do something as simple as that!

Bob was at the vets

We booked one of our cats into the vets this morning for a check up since he appeared to be having a problem with his eyes. The third eyelid (weird creatures, freaked me out when I found out) was inflamed and was sticking to his eyes. Normally they only cover the eyes when a cat is sleeping, but they weren’t and it was making him look bogeyed.

Bob didn’t seem too bothered by it, but for his trouble he still got a thermometer up his backside and an injection since he had a temperature. The vet told us it was Haws Syndrome (link):

Animals, particularly cats, may bring up their third eyelids in response to illness, particularly intestinal irritation. Generally the third eyelid remains elevated for 4 to 6 weeks and eventually goes back to normal.

Hmm nice! Apparently they can have diarrhea as well, but thankfully Bob hasn’t. We’d know if he did since when he has had it before he has a habit of crapping wherever he damn well pleases. Its highly contagious amongst cats, but Weebl is fine. As to what causes it, the vet said it just occurs.

Anyhoo, it should sort itself out, if its not gone within two weeks we have to book him back in again.

Bonus cat pictures. Bob on the left, Weebl on right, about 3 weeks ago:

BobandWeeblBed BobandWeeblSleeping

Weebl wearing a towel cape. Obviously.


Race for Life

Kate did the Race for Life today, which is a 5km ladies only run for Cancer Research UK. She raised £90 which is great given its the first time she has done anything like this. It was over at Broughton Hall, just outside of Skipton, which is not far from home and incidentally where I work (our office is there).

It was done as two races, one in the morning at 10:30am and the other at 2:30pm. The event was very well organised, we parked up on the Water Mill Park then walked across onto the main site. The start / finish straight was directly in front of the hall. They had a fitness instructor warm the ladies up. Watching 2000 woman jumping up and down dancing whilst their partners resolutely stood still was hilarious.

Apparently at same the event last year they raised £150,000! Hopefully this year they’ll raise more since they had over 4000 people taking part. If any of you generous souls would like to make a donation for Kate, you can do here! It would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: Sponsorship page on Race for Life site appears to be running slow at the moment.

FeedDemon fixes IE7 bug

Now this is neat:

Changes in FeedDemon (link)

Fixed: When the IE7 beta is installed, selecting “Open in new tab” from the context menu in FeedDemon’s browser opens the page in a new tab and a new window

Think I’ll reinstall IE7 again, since the above problem made me uninstall it.

Dopefish Returns

Yep, he most certainly does. In the U4 labs in Sin Emergence – Episode 1. Look, see:


Sneaky little bugger, he gets everywhere.

For reference F5 takes screen shots in Sin, I’m so used to it being F12 for some reason!

Blogging from Word 2007

Well this is an unexpected feature, Word 2007 will let you do blog updates. It has the potential to put the likes of Blogjet, w.bloggar, etc out of business. Personally I can’t see it happening, they’ll probably shaft it up but in a way it would be good for competition. Help push the existing apps into life. Since I bought a copy of Blogjet there’s been nothing in terms of updates or news. Pity really since there are lots of little tweaks it could do with (and I have posted on the forums).

Permission problems with NFuse and IIS 6.0

Someone at work reported that they could not download the Citrix ICA client. They’d accessed the NFuse (MetaFrame XP) site and been told they didn’t have the client installed (just upgraded to IE7 Beta2 and it doesn’t seem to pick up on the client). Which was fair enough, so he tried the download URL (E.g. https://www.oursite.com/Citrix/ICAWEB/en/ica32/ica32t.exe) and got a wonderful error message from IIS: Page could not be found.

So I did the usual and checked the file was actually there, and it was. And then a light came on and I thought since this on an IIS 6.0 box I bet its part of its fun new security guff. A quick search on Google threw up this blog entry from David Wang which covered the problem.

In IIS Admin I checked the folders Execute Permissions and they were set to Scripts and Executables. I turned them to None (for the entire ICAWeb folder) and the download then magically worked.

Now two things caused the problem. The first is the IIS 6, by default, is set to block All Unknown CGI Extensions which is great. This setting should be left alone. Its this that caused the error message to appear.

The second is that the installer for NFuse had given the folders those execute permissions. And thats the bit I can’t fathom out. Why would it do that? Its not a CGI program so its not going to do anything other than confuse poor old IIS. I don’t remember setting any permissions when I installed it. Very peculiar I thought!

Anyhoo, problem solved!

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