My Xbox 360 has just died…

RedRingOfDeathNotch another one onto the red ring of death count. My 360 started playing up last night with it freezing and distorting it’s display. It would lock up with lots of little squares displaying and fuzzy lines across the screen.

When I went to try it on the TV downstairs this morning (it’s normally in my office connected to a 19” TFT) it refused to boot at all and gave the red ring. Ah the joys of Xbox ownership.

I’m soooooo glad I didn’t buy Bioshock yesterday (and obviously won’t be for a while now!). I’d have been ever so slightly pissed if I had. Anyhoo, better go contact Microsoft to see what they can do.

Amusingly they have a direct link on the Xbox support home page called Three red lights flash on the Ring of Light, which links to this knowledge base article. Lets see if it’s of any use…

The irony of it is that I just got this email from Microsoft as well:


Talk about bad timing!