British Summer Time? My arse, it might just be!

This was the view from the office today.

View Outside Me Office  2011  Small

A slightly damp but green looking patch of woodland somewhere in North Yorkshire, with Spring on the way.

So, two years, where did they go in between blog posts? Well an office move has happened due to lack of space, hence the change of scenery, but less than a mile or so away in distance. I spend most of my work time coding in C# now instead of Delphi as we gradually make the move across to .NET. I’m slowly learning that managing developers is like herding cats. And that cats may have longer attention spans…

My Apple addiction has well and truly took hold. From an iMac, a MacBook followed, along with a couple of iPhones and an iPad. Nothing quite compares to Apple gadgets.

In the meantime Windows 7 popped up and has made the land of PC’s somewhat pleasant again after Vista’s excrement shaped attempt. Almost tempts me into getting one to play Portal 2, but I’m still addicted to Xbox and I’ve got it pre-ordered for that… Dead Space 2 is currently consuming a lot of my spare time!

Formula One still entertains. Not entirely happy with the previous two World Champions, Button and Vettel. Still deep down rooting for Alonso to blitz them all. Will this year be it? Not so sure, those Red Bulls are damn fast. It’s gonna be great watching though.

MotoGP has certainly been interesting. Not so sure Rossi will conquer all at Ducati, as much as I would love him to. Lorenzo is just too good on that Yamaha and Stoner looks ominous on the Honda! Still, it’ll be a cracking year before the 800’s take a bow to be replaced by the 1000cc’s.

So yeah, pretty busy! Will I blog some more? Perhaps ;).