Eventually, finally, at last I’ve decided to start a blog. For better or worse here it is! My, how things have changed since I last had a website. If I wanted something that even half resembled the features that WordPress has, it would take me weeks to write.

I have to say I’m impressed. The tools available for creating these types of site are pretty damn good. No one has got an excuse really to not set one up… of course whether they have anything interesting to say is another matter? Will I? We’ll have to see! I’ve got some ideas for the kind of crap things I’d like to write and it will probably be a balance of chaff that interests me and some technical programming related guff.

After a recent college project I’m interested in doing something in PHP. Perhaps getting the MPQ Archive done, but we’ll see, it all depends on how much spare time I have (which is very little at the moment) and whether I’m motivated enough to do it.

With that said, hello, good evening and good night!

By Paul

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