I think there are some shenanigans going on at wikiHow. In the last week or so there have been some very odd combinations of articles appearing on their RSS feed. Today’s was How to Win a Street Fight, Tuesday’s was How to Pick a Pet Tarantula and How to Get a Windows Live Mail Account. Last week we had How to Create a Credible Villain in Fiction followed by How to Start a Beauty Salon and then How to Restart a Furnace After Running out of Oil.

Is there some kind of missing link here I’m not seeing? Well I least now I know that whilst petting a tarantula in my successful beauty salon I can easily put a stop to any street fights outside. Bizarre!

By Paul

3 thought on “The surreal world of wikiHow”
  1. You must be on to something, I bet terrorists are using wiki posts to pass along secret coded messages!!
    “The tarentula has won the street fight in the beauty salon, I repeat, the tarentula has won the street fight in the beauty salon!”

  2. What’s so strange about them? ^^

    Actually, they aren’t the sort of articles that I’d expect to become featured, but at the same time it reflects the good side of wikiHow: it allows people to make great articles (well written, long and descriptive) on even the most obscure, or peculiar, topics.

  3. I agree, thats what I like about it, you never know whats going to pop up on the RSS feed and theres a ton of interesting stuff to read.

    It just made me laugh seeing those odd combinations of articles appearing :)

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