Erm… nope sorry. I’ve got nothing. Actually at work we did put an April fools into an old version our software. It starts up with a login screen which has the product name at the top and being the comedians that we are, on the morning of April 1st, it appeared backwards.

Unfortunately the first year it was meant to appear, it had a bug in it so didn’t show! There were no side affects, it just didn’t work. I can’t remember the reason why but I think it just to do not detecting the date properly. The following year it did work and on the whole most users thought it was pretty funny. A couple were panicked and thought they’d broken something… but when told were fine. Perhaps they thought their data would be backwards too!

I know it seems tame what we did, but with a business app there’s a fine line you have to tread. You can’t do anything too daft because there are people who don’t have a sense of humour (usually those in management) and questions will be asked. At which point its not worth the hassle doing it in the first place. So going the subtle route is best.

When we rebranded it disappeared since we had different logo’s etc and implementing an April fools at the time wouldn’t have been the best use of my time. We did ponder back in January whether to quickly do something since we had an update due. But since April 1st is a Saturday and most likely no one will see it, we decided not to. Maybe next year! Oh wait, thats a Sunday, ok, the year after, yes 2008!

By Paul

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