I’ve yet to find a WordPress theme that I really like, but out of those I’ve looked at Regulus by Binary Moon is my current choice. B0rked-CategoriesEven with this theme I’m not totally happy, so I’ve been making minor changes to it. I wanted the categories section in the sidebar to show the count of items in each category. I was told the default theme did that, so I loaded it up, worked out it was wp_list_cats() with various parameters and tweaked the Regulus layout to match. Unfortunately I broke it slightly… as you can see from the picture on the right.

I was a bit stumped as to what the problem was. There was nothing obvious in the HTML source, so I figured it must be the CSS. Oh joy, this could take a while! I was looking at messing about with it in TopStyle.

However, Vondur pointed me to this excellent Firefox plugin, the Web Developer Extension. I know every man and his dog who has the vaguest interest in web development has it already but I don’t see the point of adding another Firefox extension unless I really need it (Firefox uses enough memory as it is!).

And boy was it useful, I was able to edit the CSS and the changes appeared instantly, which made finding the problem easy. The culprit was “display:block;” in “#sidebar a”. Turning that off fixed it, but the links were too close together. So I tweaked “#sidebar li” with padding-top / padding-bottom values and that fixed it.

Having the right tools for the job makes it so much easier!

By Paul

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