I’ve had BT Broadband for nearly 4 years now, and upgraded automagically to a 2MB connection back in September-ish. In the last month I’ve received two emails from BT welcoming me to the service…


I’ve had the service for 9 months, isn’t that a bit late? I replied to the first one to ask if they were taking the piss? Obviously I didn’t get a reply. To me it smacks of incompetence and just mass spamming of their customer base.

In a related story we’ve had problems at work getting a BT Business Broadband line set up. The idea was that an engineer would wire it up and then someone else in a remote location would wake up and flick a switch afterwards to activate the broadband. I believe its called a simultaneous activation. Unfortunately their super duper automated system decided to try and activate it last week when we had no line installed and it automatically suspended our broadband order.

Said engineer duly came out and did his job today, but we’ve now had to hassle some random BT department (who sent out a letter with the wrong phone number on!) to pull their fingers out of their arses and recommence the broadband part of the it. Again because its automated it could take up to 5 working days! What bloody use is that? Its a good job we’re not in urgent need of it, but it is annoying none the less.

Unfortunately it appears to be a regular occurrence. I know a chap who was after switching his ISDN lines over to Business Broadband on a simultaneous activation back in December and they shafted it up. Exactly the same as us. The hardware had arrived, as had an engineer, but the broadband activation had been suspended due to it trying the line before it was available! Sigh…

By Paul