Okay dokay, I’m seriously considering getting a PSP. The Giga Pack looks favourite and games I’m very keen on are WipeOut Pure and Ridge Racer. I’d like to use it for more than just games though and there seems there’s a ton of things you can now do with them. I’m not particularly interesting in watching films since UMD seems to have died

So anyone thats got one (i.e. Vondur and Jay), what do think of it? I’d like to be able to read eBooks / PDFs and browse photos and other guff. Is that possible? What’s internet access like? I have a WIFI connection, can I just hook it up to that and use the interweb straight away? Any useful links or comments would be great.

By Paul

4 thought on “Thinking about getting a PSP”
  1. well, for games it’s just perfect, just consider handheld scale

    as for the ebooks, well, it’s good for html, txt, i’m not sure it reads pdf though, have to check that… but i doubt it supports it…

    wifi.. well, it’s proper wifi with lowres screen for browser, u can send emails, browse sites anywhere where’s wifi access…

    links… uhm… not sure, i didn’t browse hacks0r’z sites much.. i’m just too lazy to mess with psp’s firmware and boot loaders to get the idea. there’s psp quake even, but it requires some special loader, i just have no time to set it all up… but i’d love to try it out ;)

    generally, i’m happy with my psp, i play it in the subways, or when i’m in the woods and have no vodka or friends around… it’s little nice device that helps you to destroy all boredom around :)

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