I’ve had a long standing opinion that the web and small portable devices (E.g. PDA’s, Mobile Phones, PSP, etc) just don’t mix with the web. The majority of sites have a hard time working properly in IE, Firefox and Opera, what chance has a PSP?

Well I thought I’d try a few of my usual sites on the PSP browser (Gmail, Ars Technica, Shacknews, BBC and eBay). The majority work ok, with, as I mentioned before, the BBC offering the best accessible site. The width restriction wasn’t too much of a problem since you can scroll around the screen. The view options to set it to the screen width don’t really work, I preferred leaving it to sort itself out.

Unfortunately anything with lots of graphics seemed to fire up Out of Memory error messages, with no obvious way to get round. Closing pages doesn’t always work. I’ve had to close the browser entirely on several occasions.

I use FeedDemon for reading RSS feeds which links to a NewsGator account. So for a laugh I tried to logon to NewsGator online to read my RSS feeds… hmmmm yes, it wasn’t very successful. I got lots of error messages about not supporting the AJAX engine they use. Oh well, it would have been really cool. I know the PSP now has a RSS reader, but I have like 200+ feeds and I don’t really want to have to set them up again.

Perhaps in future browser revisions that’ll get sorted. I’ve seen a few sites and discussions showing support for getting Opera on the PSP. Given they already have a mobile phone version (Opera Mini), it doesn’t seem so unlikely.

So I still think for serious browsing you need a PC in one form or another. For quick casual browsing to say check your email or news updates, its fine, but the screen size restriction and lack of a proper input device hinder it. Maybe a mini USB keyboard would be useful?

By Paul

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