I’m apparently getting married abroad later in the year and there’s a long list of things to get sorted. Near the top of the list is a new passport since my existing one runs out next month. Now maybe I’m a cheap bastard but I find the charge for renewing my passport is a tad steep, at £51.

Oh, I know you could say “Well thats for 10 years, so thats only £5.10 a year!”… but that doesn’t really equate since I have to pay for it now, not over several years. To add insult to injury you have to pay for postage. Why is that then?

This isn’t for some special quick service either, it’ll be 3 weeks! If you’re feeling flush you can pay nearly £80 for it to be done in a week, but you have to book an appointment at you local post office for that. If its urgent you can pay another 20 quid more and get it done on the same day.

The cost keeps going up too, the lovely wife to be renewed hers last year and it was about £47. What’s suddenly changed to cause it go up so much? Thats alot more than inflation!

By Paul

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