Can’t say I’m particularly impressed with it. The interface is just hideous. Why is the menu bar hidden by default? When it does appear why is it below the address bar? What is with the mismatched button graphics? Why is there an empty tab there that looks completely out of place? Why are the tabs so wide? I don’t use the favourites at all (thats what is for), so those buttons aren’t needed! The list goes on…


I’m amazed that the interface has gotten to beta 2. Both Firefox and Opera have nice clean designs, but IE7 actually looks cluttered. Stunningly bad.

This being IE the install overwrites IE6 which is pity given its a beta and I’d prefer it to install elsewhere. But if you follow the instructions from here and here, you can set it up so that it doesn’t do that. Its pretty easy actually. You extract the files out and create a batch file and VBScript file. Then create a shortcut (or a Slickrun MagicWord) to the VBScript file and you’re away!

I tried it on my home machine and it caused problems straight away in FeedDemon. The option to open new windows caused IE7 to appear (when it shouldn’t), as well opening a tab with FeedDemon. Apparently its bug in IE7 which has been reported. Given that, I can’t continue using it since I need FeedDemon to just work.

At least the uninstall works properly and puts IE6 back!

Edit: The method list above for running IE7, does a bit unstable. I couldn’t access any items on the menu bar and sometimes tabs didn’t appear at all.

By Paul

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