There I was browsing B&Q’s wonderful website looking for lawnmowers since Kate had an altercation with our existing one last night and broke the (metal) blade on it. I think the fact that our back lawn (I use the term loosely) is more like a forest floor, with various debris scattered across it from when we cut down trees last year, was the cause and not Kate!

It appears though that B&Q’s lawnmower range has gone up market and decided not sell to commoners like me. I was expecting to see a few Flymos on there but instead could only find several tractor mowers, the cheapest of which was £850. Hmmmm… quite. Whilst I like the idea of having one one day so that I can manicure the acres of land we’ll have with our mansion (I can dream!), I think at the moment its a bit out of my price range.

So an actual trip to the local B&Q is in order. Might see if we can’t just replace the blade!

By Paul

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