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Permission problems with NFuse and IIS 6.0

Someone at work reported that they could not download the Citrix ICA client. They’d accessed the NFuse (MetaFrame XP) site and been told they didn’t have the client installed (just upgraded to IE7 Beta2 and it doesn’t seem to pick up on the client). Which was fair enough, so he tried the download URL (E.g. https://www.oursite.com/Citrix/ICAWEB/en/ica32/ica32t.exe) and got a wonderful error message from IIS: Page could not be found.

So I did the usual and checked the file was actually there, and it was. And then a light came on and I thought since this on an IIS 6.0 box I bet its part of its fun new security guff. A quick search on Google threw up this blog entry from David Wang which covered the problem.

In IIS Admin I checked the folders Execute Permissions and they were set to Scripts and Executables. I turned them to None (for the entire ICAWeb folder) and the download then magically worked.

Now two things caused the problem. The first is the IIS 6, by default, is set to block All Unknown CGI Extensions which is great. This setting should be left alone. Its this that caused the error message to appear.

The second is that the installer for NFuse had given the folders those execute permissions. And thats the bit I can’t fathom out. Why would it do that? Its not a CGI program so its not going to do anything other than confuse poor old IIS. I don’t remember setting any permissions when I installed it. Very peculiar I thought!

Anyhoo, problem solved!

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