I popped to the main SiteGround site (my host) to login and check something when I noticed a rather spiffy redesign. I then noticed they’d change the package they offer for $5 a month. Space and bandwidth had doubled and you now get unlimited MySQL databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, etc.

I thought Crap, I signed up at the wrong time, wonder if I can upgrade. No need to worry as it turns out, I logged in and found out that my account have been automagically upgraded! Whoop! Shortly after I got an email officially announcing it:

SiteGround made an unrivalled feature increase to each account, that includes:

  • Doubling the space quota of each hosting account from 12,000MB to 24,000 MB;
  • Increasing the traffic quota from 500GB to 800GB per month;
  • Making UNLIMITED the number of: MySQL databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, subdomains, and parked domains!

We have already upgraded your account with the new features at no additional cost!

Super, smashing, great!

By Paul

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