Bob seems to be doing ok with his eyes. It comes and goes, but its certainly not as bad, and it doesn’t seem to have affected his hunting skills. He went out earlier this morning (4am, woke us up specially, bless him) and when I was getting breaky at a more reasonable time (8am), Bob was sat on the patio with a bird in his mouth, crying away. Nothing unusual in that. They like leaving gifts for us. I left the kitchen door open thinking he might come in.

And he certainly did, with said bird. I cornered the little bugger and got the bird off him. He hadn’t killed it and it was still breathing slightly, so I thought I’d have to do the dirty deed and put it out of its misery (its not the first time unfortunately). It looked in a pretty bad state. So I went to throw it outside on the patio, but instead it of landing on the ground, it flew off!

But it doesn’t end there though. I got home from work tonight and Kate told me Bob was acting very strange, he was sat in the bathroom crying again. I said, I bet he could hear the birds in the loft (appears to be a nest up there). I joked to Kate that once birds had gotten into the bathroom by coming down from the loft in the outside wall cavity and then out underneath the bath.

Turns out Bob was listening because he managed to create a gap in the side of the bath and a bird magically appeared. We were alerted to this by the banging and crashing of Bob jumping about all over everything, trying to get at the bird, who sensibly was sat on a shelf up high. Bob went off sulking when we appeared and we let the unscathed bird go.

Of course Weebl doesn’t go without getting any blame. Late last night he was sat in the middle of the Close whining at the top of his voice at another cat. The neighbours were curtain twitching, watching them fight!

Pesky cats! Never a dull moment. 

By Paul

6 thought on “A slowly recovering Bob”
  1. Hehe, fun cats.
    Often when animals are attacked by a predator like a cat, they act dead. There’s a cat that keeps coming around at my parents house (he even comes inside the house and down to the balcave sometimes, when we leave the windows open, wtf!? scares the shit outta me every time), we once found him playing with what appeared to be a big dead snake on the patio, I scared him away, then was about to throw the snake away, it had bite and claw marks all over, but as soon as I got close to it, it slide away at top speed, what the hell. =)

    By the way, completely off-topic. You always write “he was sat”, and I hear it often, is it grammatically correct? Shouldn’t it be “he was sitting”?

  2. Ahh, see I didn’t think about that. I just wrote it how I would say it (which would still be incorrect). When it comes to tenses and things like that I’m pretty useless.

    I found this post on the Open University site that agrees with what you said, but I will continue to mix my past perfect imperfect continuous past tense thingy wotsits :).

  3. Well “he was sat” doesn’t sound so wrong anyways, was just curious as it felt weird to me. Strangely enough, the other example on that site “He was headed for the beach” sounds totally normal to me, so I guess I’m a victim of this problem too. =)

    But my english comes from America, so I’m not surprised it isn’t very gramatically correct. ;D

  4. Hehe, thing is you’re right and I’m wrong!

    I know what you mean, it doesn’t sound weird to me either. I can see why it should be sitting and heading, but sat and headed mean the same thing to me! I’m thinking that its in the past which is why I’d use the latter.

    I dunno, I’ll read up on what’s correct some time. Personally I blame whoever came up with all these sillly rules in the first place, far too damn complicated!

  5. Hehe, you should see French gramar, it’s friggin hell. Took me years to get my head around it, and I still do 10x more errors when writing french, which is supposed to be my mother-language, than when I write English. =D

  6. […] I’ve not posted on how Bob’s been getting on since his last visit to the vet’s. Well, the symptoms of Haws Syndrome hadn’t got much better so we had him back at the vet’s last week. The vet wasn’t worried though since he said it can take 5 to 6 weeks to clear (the previous vet said 3 to 4). Other than his funny eyes he has been fine. He’s still eating like a horse, and both him and Weebl are out most of the time since the weather is good. […]

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