So after the fun with the lawnmower over the last week, the washing machine decided to pack up. The poor thing was on its last legs and was one of those items we didn’t buy new when we bought our home. The door had fallen off a while back and it sounded like a force 9 gail when it got going with it rumbling felt throughout the house.

Unlike the lawnmower though, it’s my fault it broke. I left coins in my jean pockets and they managed to get stuck in the drum and stop it moving… oops. So off in search of washer I went. I had an idea of what we were after since I’d searched for one a couple of months back when the… errr… door fell off. I thought though, I’d give Amazon a try, see what they had.

It turns out they have a huge range but all with Limited Availability which is code for Discontinued and No Stock Stupid! They did however, on pretty much every washer I looked at, have an alternative. It was the snazzy Hinari WM005 Lifestyle Compact Table Top Washing Machine White. Catchy long title but thats about the only thing thats big about it. It would probably be ok for a family of squirrels to do their laundry, but not us.

The trick Amazon is missing here is a filter to remove Limited Availability items. The actual search option is pretty good otherwise, with lots of filters and wotnot.

Anyhoo in the end we went to the local Comet store to get one, which amazingly was just delivered, on time and everything!

Oh and Bal, I am not going to start a Washing category!

By Paul

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