Now that’s more like it! That’s a seriously useful amount of space to have. Amazon currently only have the 2 GB sticks, but I can’t see it being too long until the 4 GB ones appear.

Speaking of PSP, I’ve not used it much of late. Kate is totally addicted to Lumines so I can’t really get a go on it. Me and My Katamari looks very tempting though! Might be able to snatch it back if I get that.

By Paul

3 thought on “4GB Memory Stick for PSP”
  1. jawohl, 4gb is very tempting. depends on the price, but i consider it useful esp if i’m going to use psp as mp3 player being inthe woods :D

    and go buy Daxter, Pauk! fucking amazing game!

  2. Sweet, I’ll go update it. Kate’s out so I should be able to get my hands on it.

    Daxter looks very tempting but I’m starting to get a backlog of games to play and I have a hectic final month of college / uni work to do!

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