It would appear that trying to move the site at 2am wasn’t the brightest thing to do! I was experiencing some slowdowns and pauses since I’d missed out a few steps for restoring WordPress. I found this article very useful. And this and this one too.

I needed to edit two records in the “wp_options” table. They were “siteurl” and “home”, which had to point to the new site. Unfortunately you have to manually change them in the database (I used phpMyAdmin). I’m not quite sure why there aren’t options within WordPress to do this?

I also had to fix a few image urls. I would have thought this would have been done with some kind of tag before them, e.g. :IMAGEURL:, and then WordPress could parse that and put in the proper url. That way it would be very portable. Unfortunately it seems to hardcode the urls in the post! Maybe thats BlogJet’s doing? Anyway, that involved a bit of tedious tweakage.

However I could have nipped both of these in the bud by just doing a search and replace on the SQL dumpout of the site before restoring! Ah well, live and learn.

By Paul

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