I mentioned this chap in passing earlier in the week. Even with all my waffling on about Outlook 2007, I’m not it’s biggest fan. Far from it. Outlook can be a royal pain in the arse at times. Specifically when it comes to filing emails.

I have various rules and wotnot set up, but half of them don’t work so most of my emails just stack up in the my inbox… or at least they used to until I started using Speedfiler. The name pretty much explains what it does, it files emails fast.

It overrides the oh so obvious Outlook shortcut of Ctrl + Shift + V with the following dialog box:


You then start to type in the name of the folder you want (it automatically focuses on the Folder name contains: box) and it’ll search as you type. If you have more than one folder it’ll list them, but usually you’ll have just the one folder. In which case, it’ll go to it for you so you can hit Enter to file. That’s it. Job done. It’s all via the keyboard so it’s very quick.

Say I want to file an email into a folder called Firewall that’s just come in my Inbox. I hit Ctrl + Shift + V, type fir and hit Enter. Done. It is that quick to use!

I do have one niggle with it and that’s how long it takes to load. It fires up a splash screen whilst Outlook is loading and it goes and checks the various folders it has access to. It does this every time Outlook starts and is a real pain for me when I’m opening Outlook over the VPN. It’s a good couple of minutes before I can use it. On the plus side it seems to be compatibile with Outlook 2007, however the option screens don’t appear to display properly.

Another cool option is that it also overrides the Go To Folder shortcut, Ctrl + Y, with the same dialog. So hopping about Outlook is even easier. Dare I say it, it makes Outlook fun!

There is a 30 day trial available and it costs $19.95 to register. I’ve just found out that Scott Hanselman also has a write up on it.

By Paul

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