I get the impression that Ed Bott thinks this story is a wind up. It’s about a new mobile phone ring tone that only teenagers can hear. Personally I think it could be legit. I can’t hear the mp3 linked. All I get is the feeling of a faint buzzing sound in my ears, but that’s it.

It was inspired by a device, called the Mosquito, developed by Welsh Company, to help break up gangs of youths from shops and other areas. Perhaps the ring tone isn’t real but the Mosquito is, the BBC have a full write up on it. At the time there was a ton of coverage in the national newspapers and on the various news channels (it was a slow week).

It would be great if this technique could be applied to say Crazy Frog or most kinds of pop music. Actually some form of device that you could point at a person to make their voice turn into a high pitched noise would be ace. Yeah.. BBBBZzzzzzzzzzzzz…

By Paul

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