Uninstalled. In theory it’s a great idea. You install it on all your machines that have Firefox on and it’ll saving whatever tabs, pages, bookmarks, etc you have. So I can look at stuff at work, go home and view the same pages.

Except for me, my home machine never managed to sync up. It kept timing out. I’ve given it a good week and it’s just not connecting. I even tweaked the options to just sync tabs (it can do Cookies, Saved Passwords, Bookmarks, History and Tabs and Windows) but it wasn’t having it.

Amusingly it ran perfectly on my work machine first time. Oh well. Wait for version two me thinks.

By Paul

One thought on “Google Browser Sync”
  1. pauk, same here! i installed googlesync at work then went home and installed it there and it was the same #51 timeout error! wtf! seems like there’s some kind of bug.

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