BT are slowly rolling out automatic upgrades to existing customers to 8Mb Broadband, but if it’s anything like the upgrade from 1Mb to 2Mb, it could be a while (like 6 months) until it happens. Being the impatient git that I am, I went on their site to get upgraded sooner. The rub is that you end up signing a new 12 month contract, but since I’ve been with them since 2002, I doubt I’ll be changing any time soon.

As part of the process they give you a rough estimate of the line speed you’ll get. I was slightly disappointed it was 5.5Mb and not 8Mb, but that’s nearly 3 times the speed I have now so I can’t grumble too much ;). So at some point next Monday I should be automagically upgraded. Woo and stuff!

By Paul

2 thought on “Broadband Upgrade”
  1. […] Yes, well, apparently it’s not an instantaneous bump up in speed as I’d hoped it would be. Yesterday (3 days after my official regrade date) the only difference I saw was a 15kB improvement uploading and 3 or 4kB downloading. At first I thought it was my router. I’d decided not to go with buying one from BT whilst ordering the regrade since I’d only recently bought my Netgear DG834G. […]

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