All it took was 5 minutes for me to switch back to Firefox (unfortunately).

I closed a tab by accident and went to right click in the tabbed area to undo it. There was no such option. Bugger. Ok, fine, I went and reloaded the page I was after.

Then I loaded up Google Calendar and got told it doesn’t support Opera officially, but I can still try it. So I did. I created a new event and it added it in twice. Not a problem, I deleted the extra one. That worked.

I needed to tweak the CSS in a website design, but first I thought I’ll view what’s already there. Oh.. err… I have no Web Developer toolbar. Sigh… back to land of the memory devouring web browser it is then. Still, it was nice while it lasted.

By Paul

5 thought on “Opera 9”
  1. Must be via blog search engines Technorati. I know Google indexes the site pretty much everyday, but the comments were like 20 minutes after I’d posted!! Scary!

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