If I was religious, I’d say thank god for that, but I’m not, so will retort with about bloody time! I can’t stand football, it’s an utterly pointless and boring sport that unfortunately in this country is treated like (religious reference again) the second coming of Christ. Perhaps now we’re out the coverage won’t be so rampant. Whilst I’m ranting, I think it’s disgusting the amount of grief Sven is getting, but unfortunately that’s the way it goes with our wonderful media. Kick a man when he’s down.

In other sporting news (not that you’d think so), as expected Schumacher got pole at Indianapolis. Alonso was well off the pace in 5th. Tomorrow’s race will be a damage limitation exercise for Renault. Barrichello put in a good lap for Honda to get 4th, whilst Button was back in 7th. Not terrible, but not very promising.

By Paul

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