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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

When to watch this with wifey Friday night. Excellent stuff, completely brainless fun with lots of action. I’d definitely rate it as better than the first one. It’s more of the same but it’s seems to go pretty quickly. There are quite a few funny moments, which I wasn’t expecting and the special effects are amazing, especially so for Davy Jones and his crew and ship.

The character Bill Nighy puts in to him, in some respects, makes him quite endearing. The Scottish accent is a nice touch too. I didn’t realise until after that Davy Jones was completely computer generated and they imposed the effects on top of where Bill Nighy was. Apparently there was no blue screen in sight either. The sequences with the Kraken were impressive too, it’s got a bit of temper!

The only annoying thing is that this is really the first part of a five hour film, and it ends on a cliff hanger, that I sussed out at about half way through. Other than that minor grumble, it’s all good.

The Ninja review of it is well worth watching as well. Fave quote:

The entire cast, with the exception of Keira Knightley, was women. I thought that was a bold choice. All the pirates… <snip> If you don’t know Keira Knightley, she’s kind of a slightly more manish version of Orlando Bloom.

Hmmm… manish? I don’t think so. Makes me think though, I’d love to see Ninja’s of the Caribbean!

Vondur said,

July 14, 2006 @ 11:15 am

yeah, watched this yesterday. rather fun, and yea it’s pretty much like the first one. and i concur with the rest of your post :)

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