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Sky+ is evil!

Why? Because it means I can record crap I would otherwise miss and not be bothered about watching. Drx280_ppHold your horses you say, what is Sky+? Ah well, it’s essentially a normal Sky TV satellite box but with a hard drive in to record programmes with. The really cool thing is that on the Sky+ box you can pause live TV, and then get it to resume. Or rewind it. I know these things have been out years, but it’s all new to me. Skipping through adverts on recorded programmes is great.

The geek in my checked out what they were and the Sky+ one is an Amstrad DRX280, which has a 160GB drive in it and Drx550_ppthe other box (we got an ordinary one for the bedroom) is an Amstrad DRX550 (but it’s apparently made by Thompson).

I was little worried by some of the posts I read on the Amstrad boxes since Amstrad don’t exactly have the greatest reputation for build quality. The Sky box has been fine, no problems at all but I suspect that’s because they didn’t make it. The Sky+ box on the other hand has been dodgy. When we first got it when left to it’s own devices for a long period of time, it just crashed and turned itself off. Also playback on recorded programs would sometimes skip and the audio went out of sync with the pictures. It seems though that since the box is connected to a phone line permanently it has updated itself and has, fingers crossed, fixed those problems.

It’s amusing that some people are refusing to take the Amstrad Sky+ boxes and want Pace ones instead, which are meant to be almost bullet proof. Apparently Sky refuse to admit there is a problem. Funnily enough though, someone at work lives just down the road from the main Pace factory so I might ask him to pop over and err… nab one if this one is problematic!

Overall though I’m pretty happy with it and unfortunately it means I’m now watching more television than I should!

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