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Pinball Fantasies

Damn you Jeff Atwood! This is all your fault (I mean that in a nice way). Jeff did a post a few weeks back about PC Pinball games. One of my favourites was a DOS game called Pinball Fantasies. It brought back memories from the good old DOS days where every game had it’s only config.sys and autoexec.bat where some required extended memory (XMS), some required expanded memory (EMS) and some were picky enough to need over 600k of conventional memory (Syndicate I’m looking at you), in which case QEMM (Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager) was put into action.


I used to play Pinball Fantasies for hours on end, massing up stupidly high scores on the Partyland and Stones and Bones tables (there are four tables in total). Unfortunately I no longer had the original to hand due to great floppy disk clearance of 2000. So off I went in search of it, and lo and behold I found a copy on Abandonia.

Trying to play it under Windows XP is a futile experience, which is where DOSBox comes in. It’s a DOS emulator specifically designed to work with DOS games. It even goes to the trouble of emulating the old Soundblaster sound cards. After a bit of fiddling I was up and running again…

PF4 PF3 

Going back to an old game is usually a disappointment since you tend to hold them in higher esteem than they really were. But in this case, that couldn’t be more wrong. It’s just how I remember it, with the cheesy sound effects and over the top music. It’s still as playable and addictive as it was back in 1994. It’s a real time sink. I noticed that the sequel, Pinball Illusions, is also on Abandonia, but I was never keen on that. As I as I’m concerned they’d already hit pinball perfection with Fantasies.

Felipe Sanches said,

November 21, 2006 @ 4:21 am

Take a look at my PARTY Land Remake project at flickr:


I am sure you will like it.

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