Not a bad first attempt at zipping up the maps files for MPQ Archive.


Some files I didn’t expect to cause problems where some of Vondur’s maps, but then I checked and found I’d only downloaded the Omicron bot versions of them. At least in this case I’ll be able to get hold of them. The rest are a varying mish mash of stuff, but at first glance I probably have them and it’s just that my convertor wasn’t clever enough to find them. Anyway, a step in the right direction!

By Paul

One thought on “Zipping map files!”
  1. […] One of those jobs I’ve really not been looking forward to has been sorting out the map downloads. The initial pass of the 500 maps (I was wrong in a previous post on the number of maps, I was using old review tables) came back with about 400 that I had. With a bit of tweaking to my map finder and searching the interweb I’ve brought it down to just 22 files missing out of 520 in total. There are also some that are apparently ”ok” but I need to go back and check them. […]

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