Progress has been pretty good. I’ve got various important bits and pieces working now. News and Review posts now load up from the database, along with their comments. In terms of how they look, well they’re no different from the mock up shots last week.

I’ve also got most of the sidebar links working and the archive lists of reviews and Top 10 lists are in. Difference with these is that I’ve added page navigation in, instead of showing a long vomit of reviews.

MPQNewTop10 MPQOldTop10

For the full size review screen shots I’ve made it so that they open up in their own window with the site template wrapped around it. Looks a bit nicer that way.

MPQNewArchivebyScore MPQNewScreenshotView

I’m currently waiting on Jay to get back to me on how to do the logo image. I’ve got about 15 maps (yes 15, that’s the short list!) I want done up and I’ll get it so they circulate round. Should look really good!

I’ve had fun tidying up the various reviews, comments and news posts since a lot of them were full of formatting code, e.g. <font color=”#FFFFF”> and various other horrible tags. RegEx has removed the majority of the crap, but there are some news posts that look truly awful and will have to be done by hand.

Anyhoo, any suggestions or feedback, please let me know.

By Paul

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