Yes I’m addicted to it, for some reason I was looking at the entry for Liverpool and then thought perhaps there’s one for where I live… Burnley. There bloody well is! Even Padiham which is a small town a mile or so down the road has one. The only reason we go to Padiham is because it has two cracking takeaways there: Gate of India and Double Dragon (cookie to the first person to guess what food each one serves). I’m tempted to tweak the Padiham entry to add them in…

It’s bizarre the stuff they have on there, I mean I shouldn’t be surprised, but the thing is, it is fairly accurate. The description for Barnoldswick is pretty much spot on, as is Skipton, although not as interesting. Amazingly, and I have no idea if this is true, but Brierfield, which is a couple of miles from home and is where my grandparents live, apparently inspired Tolkien when writing Lord of the Onion Rings:

Mordor, the evil town in Lord Of The Rings, was reportedly based on the town of Brierfield. JRR Tolkien would often visit the neighbouring town of Fence, where there is a clear ariel view of Brierfield. At the time he was writing the book, Brierfield would have been covered by a large amount of thick, black smoke coming from the factory chimnies. He realised that this was how he envisaged Mordor, and therefore based it on Brierfield.

Unfortunately I can’t find another reference to that, so I reckon its shenanigans, but it would be cool if it was true.

By Paul

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