What an eventful race, easily one of the best for a long time, full of ups and downs from start to finish. The two second qualifying penalty Alonso incurred didn’t seem to count for much and he put in a stunning opening stint to go from 15th to eventually fighting Jenson Button for 1st. Especially so given the wet conditions and his overtaking move on Schumacher was cracking.

Unfortunately Alonso suffered a broken drive shaft (sounds painful), although initially it looked like one of his rear tyres hadn’t been attached properly after a pitstop. Things looked down as Schumacher was on for finishing in the top three, but hesitation on Ferrari’s part as to whether or not to change from intermediates to slicks cost him. Pedro de la Rosa snook past him and a shunt with Heidfeld attempting the same move saw him retiring with deranged steering… again painful sounding.

The result of which was almost a status quo in the championship with just 10 points in it (Kubica in the BMW was disqualified for his car being under weight, so that meant Schumacher finished 8th, gaining a point). With just five races left and Renault’s return to form it’s going to an exciting finish to the season.

Oh, I suppose being English I should be over the moon that Button won his first Grand Prix, but to be honest, I’m not that bothered. It’s good news, but it was helped along with some good luck. Hungary is an odd circuit so it’s doubtful that there will be a repeat performance elsewhere. Will it mean a Mansell like career take off? Wait and see me thinks.

Turkey is next in three weeks time.

By Paul

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