It’s been a hectic couple of days. Did various wedding related things since it’s only 5 weeks away! Things like holiday insurance (since we’re going to Italy)… oh and a suit! Kate wasn’t keen on me wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

So I’ve not really been at a computer much and when I have, I’ve been getting on with MPQ Archive. Speaking of which it’s pretty much done. I’ve got all the map downloads sorted and uploaded. There are 22 reviews I couldn’t find maps for so when the site goes live I’ll stick them up as a list. Going through the old news posts though it seems that most of them are really long standing ones I couldn’t find downloads for back then, so I’m not holding out much hope.

I’ve also added an archive listing by file which is a directory style list of all the files for download on MPQ Archive. This includes ones that haven’t been reviewed as well. I’ve tended to put up all maps by certain authors since it’s nice to have them as a backup.

I’ve included two types of list. One with all files in alphabetical order split into so many per page and the other by alphabetical grouping. Kind of like on ftp sites, 0-9, a-c, d-f etc. Here’s a couple of screen shots of it:

MPQArchiveListing1 MPQArchiveListing2 

Not particular impressive, but useful I hope.

All I’ve got left to do is sort out the interviews. The html for them is a real mess and I’ve found that quite a few are of Quake 2 authors and I don’t have the maps, so I’ve been off hunting for them! I’m also waiting on some proper site logos from Jay, but hopefully that shouldn’t too long.

Then I can invite some people in for testing, see how it all holds up. I actually have a date in mind for when it’ll all go live too, which will probably only amuse me. Looking at the readme for phdm1 might give you a clue…

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