I posted early on my initial thoughts on Windows Live Writer and how it’s a bit lacking in comparison to what I normally use, BlogJet. Dmitry Chestnykh, BlogJet’s author, posted on his blog about the similarities between WLW and BlogJet. Unfortunately because his native language isn’t English (it’s Russian) he used terminology that a few people seem to have taken the wrong way. Saying WLW is a rip-off is bit over the top when they are just similarities, but you can easily understand what he means.

WLW is very similar to BlogJet, scarily so, but equally there are only so many ways you can write a desktop blog publisher (for want of a better term). Perhaps Dmitry should be flattered that it is so similar? My initial run through of WLW was that whilst it worked, it gave me no compelling reason to stop using BlogJet. BlogJet just works!

It’s a proven application and I can’t see the logic in why it should suddenly become free, as was suggested in the comments on the BlogJet blog. Me, I’m looking forward to BlogJet 2.0 :)

And yes I would pay to upgrade.

By Paul

2 thought on “BlogJet on Windows Live Writer”
  1. Yeah I know you weren’t angry, that’s kind of the point I was trying to get across, but reading back my post it doesn’t read like that! Anyway, keep up the good work.

    If you need testers for BlogJet 2.0, I’d be interested :)

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