I was going through the RSS newsgroup feed for borland.public.delphi.thirdypartytools.general (say that 3 times quick) and noticed someone had this link in their signature. It’s pretty damn funny and I think everyone has come across a help vampire at one time another.

I’ve always wondered why some people post first and think later. I very rarely post to newsgroups and instead enjoy the process of working out how to do something. Otherwise how are you going to learn?

If I’ve got stuck with a particular programming problem I tend to discuss it with other peeps at work. I don’t ask for an answer as such, more like tell them what I’m thinking and does it sound right and do they have any suggestions… which incidentally is what the Help Vampire Spotter’s guide suggests a help vampire should do.

Talking problems through is actually a great way to straighten it out in your head, because in order to tell someone else its got to make sense. The number of times I’ve been stuck on something that has caused me to think it round and round in circles and get no where, but by just telling someone else, I get the answer.

You’ll feel a bit of dick spending 5 minutes telling someone your problem to just go “Oh, I get it now, nevermind… thanks”, but it’s worth it.

By Paul

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