Warnings like this annoy me (from here):


I don’t much appreciate being told something in a condescending manner that is mostly untrue. Plus it puts me off visiting the site in question since they’re the one being a pompous twat. I somehow doubt how that’s going to change the 85% market share Internet Explorer has in Firefox’s favour.

So how did I come across this nugget of useless information? Well for the majority of my browsing I do use Firefox, but I also use FeedDemon for browsing blogs. And occasionally I go from the RSS feed to the site, which is where IE comes in, since FeedDemon uses it as it’s internal browser (you can change to a Mozilla plugin but it’s pants) and that’s when I saw this little annoyance.

Instead of calling your readers a bunch of c*nts for using IE, why not put a small link, graphic or section describing the virtues of Firefox over IE? Good idea, no?

Ahhh… much better… urge to kill fading…


Complete tangent: Simpsons Shinning episode versus The Shining film. Excellent stuff!

By Paul

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