I dunno, I’ve lost count. You’re probably sick of this waffle, but I’ll carry on anyway. Current status is this, I’ve finished the site (yay!) and I’ve emailed various peeps who I think will hopefully give some useful, constructive feedback. Fingers crossed!

I’ve already had some excellent help from Vondur and RPG. Vondur found a cracking bug and was getting this on the search screens:


It was puzzling because only his home machine was affected and it wasn’t just one browser, but all 3 he had installed. IE, Firefox and Opera. It was the first time I’d come across it and I’d developed the site on two machines without any problems. I had various peeps at work try it, Vondur even tried it at work, and it was all fine.

It turns out it was down to input controls not having a width defined in the CSS (oops). I kinda figured this was the problem  when I asked Vondur to look at the contact form on my works website. It had recently been redesigned using similar CSS and it suffered from the same problem. Anyhoo, a quick fix of a new CSS class with the width defined and a tweak to the PHP to use that class when generating the HTML sorted that.

RPG came up with a great suggestion of anywhere a map author’s name was listed it should be a link to display what other maps they’d had reviewed. A quick tweak to the search code and that was implemented. It’s not perfect, since there is some inconsistency in how author names were inputted (mostly by the author themselves), but in the main it works. Perhaps if it’s a big problem I’ll go back and tidy them up.

I finally got the logos done as well. My brother, Jay, was busy, and I itching to get them sorted. So I downloaded a trial version of Fireworks and tried my hand at creating them. As it turns out, I’m pretty damn happy with the results. Here’s a sneak peek of some of them (there are 15ish in total):


I really enjoyed making them since it involved lots of tweaking with screen shots, layers, transparency and various filters. Graphics editing has always been something I’ve stayed away from since my results are usually pretty crap, but I think I’ll practice a bit more at it now.

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