We had family down for the weekend so I’ve been kept away from the computer (which from time to time is a good thing!). A good time was had by all with lots of food and drink consumed. I’m sporting several new bruises thanks to the various nieces and nephews using Uncle Paul as a climbing fame.

This week I’m finishing off my minor research report for college so won’t be posting much. As part of it, I’ve created a short and sweet survey on how people use their computers and the internet. It’s nothing too serious and it’s slanted towards the computer user non-technical end of the spectrum. I foolishly posted the link in #terrafusion and was quickly berated by two people for not mentioning porn as a computer related activity (computer + internet = porn a given?) and that I should RTFM on how to create surveys. Perhaps RTFM on how to give constructive criticism would have been useful to the latter person.

Oh well, at least I know for next time! I didn’t think it was bad effort for my first attempt.

By Paul

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