This is amazing. Intuition computer interfaces are something we really need to work on. The current set up of a physical keyboard and mouse is just so 1970s.

By Paul

8 thought on “GUI research”
  1. Saw the research site some time ago but for some reason I didn’t get a good look at any of the cool videos then. It would be really sweet to have access to one of these screens now and not in a number of years that it will take before they might make it to the market :(

    Also interesting was the related site wich showed common LED:s being used for multiple touch sensing wich I might actually want to experiment a bit with since it seems cheap and the NDS has triggered my interest in touch style interfaces…

  2. Kinda related, I’ve bought a pen and tablet thingy. I fancy doing some proper drawing and wotnot. Should arrive tomorrow. It’s only the cheapo Wacom Volito2 (A6 size).

    I’ve been tempted to get one for ages and thought I’d try one out. I looked at a Graphire4 and Intous3 but can’t really justice it given I’ve not used one before.

    Anyway, I blame Bal, it was his fault.

  3. :D Just got it. Initial impressions. I’m impressed by it. Given it’s cheap it doesn’t feel or look that cheap. It’s weird to control but I like how it’s powered by the USB connection and the pen has no batteries.

    I’m gonna need lots of practice me thinks :)

    Btw, anyone know what apps support the pressure sensitive nib thingy? How to enable it etc?

  4. I bought the same tablet some weeks ago :D

    Dunno what you mean with “nib” but Painter works really well in my opinion/newbish experience. I am using it for fun only so far. Inkscape is very nice to use too.

    And at the moment I am using it as mouse because I lend mine to a friend, d’oh!

  5. Photoshop, painter, artrage, gimp and pretty much every paint/image program should support it. What have you tried it with? Usually you can turn it on off in the program’s tool setting as well as control if the pressure should be mapped to size, opacity and other options.

  6. Spirit, I meant the tip of the pen. That’s the nib :) I’ve tried using it as mouse replacement but I miss the scroll wheel! And I can’t use the buttons properly yet, I go to click and pen moves and I click on something I didn’t want to!

    bear, thanks for that. I’ve tried Paint Shop Pro and Fireworks. In PSP only a particular tool seemed to support the pen pressure. Fireworks doesn’t seem to at all, but it’s not really a proper paint package.

    I’ve had a look at Gimp and I see what you mean. I’ll try Photoshop at some point, see what that’s like.

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