Whoop and stuff! Everything is there with a shiny new coat of paint. Reviews are searchable, maps downloadable, comments readable. Why open it on the 31st August? Well it was seven years to the day that I released my one and only half decent Quake map, Vaguely Interesting. It’s a good feeling to have it done and dusted. It’s been on the todo list for a while… *cough* 4 years *cough*. I also uploaded the old site too. It’s very broken, but it’s fun to see it again.

I was bit gutted that only three peeps gave feedback (Vondur, Biff and DaZ) but it is an old site that wasn’t very popular to start with and people have moved on from it now, so I shouldn’t really be surprised. Anyway, on the plus side, no more nagging about it in #terrafusion now!

By Paul

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