I’m current trying out Blogjet as way of updating my site. I found a link to it on HanselMinutes last weekend. I’m not much of a podcast person. Listening to something requires more concentration than just scanning a few RSS feeds. But I like Scott’s approach of as little bull as possible. How this guy finds time to look at all this stuff I don’t know.

As much as I like WordPress’s WYSIWYG editor, it is a bit of a pain to work with. One of the first things I tried doing was adding a link. So I marked the text I wanted to link, clicked the link icon and…

tinyMCE object reference not found from popup.

Ah yes, thats a useful error message! I’m sure if I Googled for it, an obvious answer would be forthcoming, but its the general clunkiness of it that puts me off. When I click “Save and Continue‿ it reloads the page, the WYSIWYG editor disappears, I see the raw HTML and then it comes back and I can carry on. Its great to have the ability to do all this in a web browser, but we’re not there just yet. Its just not responsive enough.

Blogjet however suffers no such problems. Simple and to the point. Pretty much all the options have shortcut keys so after a bit of use firing off a post should be quick. It has spell checking, which is always useful. It would be nice if it ran like Word / Outlook etc with checking as I type… but you can’t have everything!

The look and feel of it reminds me of CityDesk. We use it at work to update and manage the majority of our site content. Yep, I do like apps that just do their job, without any fuss.

Btw Gom, update your site!

By Paul

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