Cool, some nice publicity for MPQ Archive.


Cracking write up on Inside3D about the site. Thanks to scar3crow for that.



No idea how PlanetQuake found out, but it’s all good. It’s a bit misleading that the site is accepting reviews though. I did note I’d like to people submit reviews for the maps that are still pending, but not new reviews.

However Daz threw in the idea of making it a community review site, where anyone can review a map and the admins pick the best of the bunch. It was undecided as to whether multiple reviews would be allowed on a map or just one review compiled from lots of peoples comments. From an admin point of view, the former is easier (less work) and would probably result in more consistent reviews in the long run.

It would be cool to submit every DM map from when the site closed until now and get them all reviewed… but the pessimist in me thinks the effort getting the site set up to do that would be wasted. Am I wrong?

By Paul

One thought on “MPQ Archive on Inside3D and PlanetQuake”
  1. PlanetQuake checks Inside3d for news, as well as a few other sites. I just wish theyd link to other community sites more often. They used to be the hub of activity, and still have the reputation, yet they dont act upon it now. If it was up to me, PlanetQuake would be an RSS of updates for func, i3d, quaddicted, quakeone, the quakeworld domains, quakesrc and all the others.

    I think I just miss the days of Fragmaster and Blue hopping onto public servers, eagerly awaiting the next Dank and Scud, refreshing Matt Sefton’s single player level heaven and hopping onto servers to try out a new mod, because mods were still played and deathmatch servers ran other peoples levels. Nostalgia, so bittersweet.

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