Funny really given I only posted about it on my blog (which only Bal, bear and Vondur read), func_msgboard and in #terrafusion (which was kept in the topic for about 3 seconds until someone called czg a penis or something similar).

First up QuakeBrasil. I haven’t foggiest what it says, probably that I’m the son of a goat herder and that I like to drink pig slop. I obviously deny the charges (about being a goat herder’s son).


QuakeOne had a post in their forums (thanks Baker).


As did (thanks Spirit).


And Daz posted too… but missed out 300 reviews from the total (there’s nearly 500, not 200). Or maybe he just didn’t count Rocketman maps? In which case, fair play.


By Paul

4 thought on “More MPQ Archive coverage”
  1. paul i think i have even less readers than you! anyway, good to see ppl posted somewhere about mpq.

    fyi: logbot didn’t work in august due to the hols, i think it’s going back fulltime september :)

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