One Mark V Golf GT TDI – Before:


My previous Mark V Golf, don’t have a nice piccy of my (ex)current one.




Driving into work on Tuesday morning a car on the opposite side of the road hit a patch of diesel, lost control, came over onto my side of the road and hit me head on. The good news is, I’m still in one piece :) All limps attached and functioning correctly. The not so good news is I have two stitches in my lower lip, three stitches in my right knee and lots and lots of purple / black / blue coloured bruises on my chest and stomach from the seat belt. Oh and I ache, lots! The other driver involved is fine too. They knew they’d lost control of their car so were able to brace themselves (well as much as you can in these situations). Even so they still have lots of bruising.

Here’s what remains of what hit me (a Mercedes SL 320):


Looks worse than it actually is. The front of their car took the brunt of the impact with no intrusion to the cabin. I wasn’t so lucky and the dashboard did come in slightly and hit my right knee. My burst lip was caused from head butting the airbag. The tyre to the left is not from the Merc, amazingly it’s front tires were completely intact, unlike mine which were both very flat and bent. From the back of both cars you’d be none the wiser, they look fine.

To be honest, I don’t remember a great deal. I have a flash of a black car being right in front me and then I’m off the road on the grass verge, airbags exploded and smoke everywhere. My driver side door was all bent and won’t open. I instead opened the passenger door and literally fell out. The other car had been spun round and was facing the same direction as my car. Debris was, as you can imagine, scattered all across the road. The emergency services were there very quickly to sort things out.

The police are happy that it’s just an accident and it’s now in the hands of the insurers to sort out. Everyone involved has been very helpful, especially the Barnoldswick Ambulance service and Accident and Emergency at Burnley General Hospital (oh and obviously my family (Kate and my Grandparents) and work). It’s a surreal experience. I’m still recovering and seem to have fits and bursts of energy and tiredness. I’m just happy to be able to talk and limp :) You have to say that modern cars are incredibly well engineered. Five years ago I might not have been so lucky!

Edit: In case anyone wonders, both cars were doing approx 30mph each. Goodness knows what it would have been like at higher speeds!

And finally… because this hasn’t been the most cheerful of posts, here’s a couple of cat photos! One of Sleepy Bobcat and the other is of Taco Kitten (no idea where I got it from).



Yay for cats!

By Paul

12 thought on “Ouch”
  1. oh! paul get better quickly!
    though, you’re going to sit at home for a while, looks like it was good timing to buy those popcap games, now you can play them 24/7 i assume! ;)

  2. Ack! Not a good experience, I know how it feels, I was in the same kind of accident when I was younger, except it was an ice patch that made a car going in the other direction run straight into us. Fortunatly we were in a big van, which probably was a life saver, as my mother still broke her neck, and me and my brother were bruised all over.
    Good to know you’re in one piece and that no one was seriously hurt, I’m sure you’ll feel better in no time! =)

  3. Thanks guys :) I’m slowly getting better. I don’t know what’s worse though, the recovering from the accident or all the questions from the various parties now involved (insurers, solicitors, car hire people, police etc). It’s tiring just talking to them (asking the same questions)!

    Vondur, playing PopCap games is bad for my health. They’re too addictive and I end up sat still for too long. My joints get all stiff, I need to keep moving :)

    Bal, hope there were no lasting injuries from that, sounds really nasty.

  4. Pauk, nah as I was saying to Von yesterday, the only thing left from that accident, is that now cause of her slightly weakened neck bone that have become more sensible to ambient humidity, my mom can predict when it’s gonna rain depending on how her neck feels! =D

    Those popcap games look evil… hmm… uh… no! must… not… buy…
    Need to have money for when HL2ep2 comes out, looks awesome, as do Portal and TF2.

  5. Like all the others I’m glad to hear that you’re ok and that you will recover quickly. You can always hope for some lasting effects like bal’s mom got but maybe slightly better, for example being able to predict the stock market so you can become filthy rich!

  6. Spirit, thanks.

    Bal, good to hear but that’s a kind of a spidey sense your mum has got. Very useful on family trips, you’ll not be without an umbrella :P

    bear, stock market prediction would be a cool effect. Perhaps the bruising on my stomach indicates which shares are worth investing in? Kinda like reading tea leaves :D

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  8. […] …since the crash. So where are we at? Well, health wise I’m not bad. My bruises are mostly gone, same with the aches, pains and general stiffness but I still have odd lump in my stomach but they’re going. Unfortunately the rest of the process hasn’t been so quick or particularly pleasant. I’m still without a car of my own, and will most likely be for a couple of months. So I’ve nabbed Kate’s car until I get one since I need it to travel to work (which is 15 miles from home). […]

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