Can’t get much easier than this. The Extreme Video Plugin enables support for pretty much any video type you want to embed. It’s very easy to install, save the php file from the above site, upload it to your WordPress plugins folder, rename it as it says. Activate it in the WordPress Admin Plugins section. Then in your posts you can just embed some simple tags.

By Paul

5 thought on “Embedding Videos in WordPress”
  1. Interesting, have to look into that.
    I wanted to imbed some videos of my 3D stuff on my blog, but didn’t want to post it on youtube or anything, just need something to load the mov I guess, this should work.

  2. Ah yeah, thought there must be something like that, thanks. =)
    I’ll post stuff on youtube or such eventually, once I’ve made something I’m satisfied with. =O

  3. Yeah, that’s what I was always worried about, but using a service like youtube or google video and such give you alot more visibility (and ultimately, being a wannabe artist, that’s what I’m looking for =D).
    As long as I just spam my name and url all over whatever I’m posting, guess it should be ok…

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