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Turkish Grand Prix

I appear to have missed this one. I was only able to watch bits of it since we had family round and I’ve still got a copy of it on the Sky+ box but I doubt, given the way things have been going of late, I’ll get to watch it.

My vague recollection is that Massa got his maiden win (from qualifying on Pole) and Alonso came second, ahead of Schumacher in third. Reading up on the F1 ITV site it looks like a mistake from Ferrari during the safety car period when they brought both cars in for a pit stop at the same time (?!) lost second for Schumacher. What a pity…

Championship wise (for Alonso), a good result!

Wasn’t much fun trying to find the race result on F1 ITV, they have no link to an archive of articles. I have to use trial and error to guess the url. Useless gits.

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