Promise (fingers crossed). Ok, so I’m kinda struggling now but I want it more as a record for myself more than anything. (thanks again Spirit).


Raven Games forums. Wonder how it got there…


Nobodysalternative QW forum (login required).


I also made some tweaks to the site as well. The Archive By Author now lists all the author names first and then you click on the names to get the maps that author created. It also gives an average map score which is just a bit of fun. Previously it just listed all the maps, ordered by Author name, which was very messy. Thanks to Aardappel for suggesting that.

I also added an Archive by Comments which is just like on the old site. It just lists the comments by date with links to what they relate to. Not much use to anyone other than me, but it’s just so I can see what’s being said.

By Paul

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